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about meteor

Meteor helps Web3 projects, creators, and brands build and run their online communities


Meteor can help with every aspect of the digital collectible process Рfrom concept, to artwork, to marketplace onboarding 


Meteor’s platform creates a unique experience for your audience while also creating a structured, manageable environment


Meteor’s tools create a gamified experience that keeps your community engaged and returning to collect and redeem points

Web3 Digital Collectibles

Blockchain-verified digital collectibles issued to your online community for a deeper level of engagement

Gamification & Engagement

Gamify your community with the ability to earn physical world rewards by participating in meta activities

Integrate Your Community

You have no control over your social media following – converting them into a Web3 community gives direct access to your audience

Patent-Pending Redemption System for Digital Collectibles

We have pioneered the claiming of blockchain digital collectibles utilizing our patent-pending QR redemption process


Pub. No.: US 2022/0351187 A1.

Provisional application No. 63/182,711, filed on Apr. 30, 2021
Appl. No.: 17/733,910

Publication Classification: Int. CI. G060 20/36 HO4L (2006.01) 9/32 (2006.01)

How It Works

Current product cycles and after the point of sale. Integrating tokens into the product builds authenticity and organic community.

Meteor Drops

The Meteor System

Ready to Make Impact?

Meteor is for brands and influencers with existing followers ready to build their Web3 community

Blockchain Powered Products

Apparel, cards, books, or watches – whatever you’re selling, Meteor allows you to build community through unique experiences that leverage the power of the blockain.